Self-adhesive and expanding tape for sealing window and door frames

• Suitable in cases where the requirements for the joint structure are moderate; for example, in case of buildings with max 8 storeys, and joint structures which are not directly open to wind and other weather conditions.
• For resistance to wind, UV and other weather conditions. Decreases the risk of the construction materials in contact with the tape becoming decayed or infected with a fungus. Allows joints to ‘breathe’.
One side of the tape features strong self-adhesive acrylic tape.

Area of application:
• Sealing the gaps between window/door frames and the gap filling
• Sealing the joints of concrete elements
• Sealing window sills and door sills
• Sealing double-glazed casement windows
• Sealing roof windows and skylights
• Sealing roof structures
• Noise and vibration insulation when installing ventilation and air-conditioning equipment
• Noise and vibration insulation for mobile equipment
• Insulation when installing windows

Technical data:
• Density: about 50 kg/m3
• Compression resistance (DIN 53 577): 4–5kPa
• Tensile strength: 155kPa
• Elongation 170%
• Fire resistance (DIN 4102, Part 1) class B1
• Resistance to rain penetration (DIN EN 86) 300Pa
• Air permeability (DIN EN 42) <=0,1m3/h * m * (daPa)n
• Temperature resistance: -40° C … +100° C (for a short period up to +130° C)
• Extremely good suitability for other construction materials

Colors: black or gray

Packaging: 10m roll / 15, 20, 30 rolls per box