Penosil at upcoming Baltic trade fairs


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Wolf Group is pleased to invite its guests to visit the 33rd International Building Industry Trade Fair 
House I 2019” at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre in Riga, March 14-17. “House I” is the largest construction industry event in Latvia and includes companies and professionals from the construction industry and other related industries. It will be possible to get new information about Penosil products and practical consultations at the stand of Krimelte Latvia SIA, Hall 2, stand H-16.

Trade fairs have become a tradition in the Baltic states, where the Penosil branded stands will follow the same concept established by Krimelte’s Marketing Department. The participation in trade fairs demonstrates the Wolf Group’s way of thinking – being there from year to year is necessary to show innovation and consistency at the same time. Next international building fairs will take place in April located in Tallinn and Vilnius:

Estbuild 2019                     Estonian Fair Centre, Tallinn, Estonia
April 3-6                              Penosil Eesti OÜ: stand C-50                                              

Resta 2019                          Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO, Vilnius, Lithuania
April 24-27                          UAB Krimelte LT: stand B-09

NEW! PENOSIL EasySpray is a sprayable insulation foam with a special foam gun nozzle designed by Krimelte. The spray nozzle allows to insulate uneven or hard-to-reach surfaces, where traditional insulation materials cannot be used. Most common application areas are attics, balconies, garages, basements, various containers, etc. Insulating cold surfaces with EasySpray is also a good remedy to avoid condensation.

AIRTIGHTNESS SIMULATOR! PENOSIL offers a wide range of products to help you address problems related to the building energy efficiency. With our airtightness simulator, it will be possible to carry out a differential pressure test during the trade fair, thus detecting leaks in the air and making sure, that the correct use of our construction foam and other sealing materials is very effective.

PENOSIL SPEEDFIX! In 2018 PENOSIL launched new SpeedFix range, where are nine construction adhesives that provide fast initial tack and strong bond. SpeedFix adhesives were developed to meet customers desire for adhesives with greater user convenience.

An energy efficient building is achieved using energy efficient materials


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The European Union has set the ambitious aim of reducing human greenhouse-gas emissions by 80-95% by 2050 in comparison to 1990. The EU is slowly moving towards nearly zero-efficiency buildings that in turn create a demand for building materials, as the energy costs of a building make up roughly 40% of total energy usage.

“It is clear that in order to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the amount of energy used in a building for heating, cooling, water heating and lighting must be reduced, and renewable energy sources will probably need to be harnessed,”according to Kuldar Kongo, product manager of Krimelte OÜ, in responding to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

All new buildings finished after 31 December 2020 must be nearly zero-energy buildings, according to the aforementioned directive. This requirement for new buildings used and owned by government offices has already been in effect since 2019.

According to Kongo, the energy efficiency of a building depends on the general need for energy, type of supplied energy, on-site production of energy from renewable energy sources, and the amount of heat loss through the outer envelope. “Various methods and solutions must be applied together to meet the requirements of a nearly zero-efficiency building, from the right planning of the buildings’placement and use of renewable energy sources to well thought-out envelopes to minimise heat loss. The construction of nearly zero-efficient buildings in Europe increases expectations and demands regarding the quality of materials and the competence of salespersons.”

The manufacturers of building materials have been focusing on the development of materials for the construction of nearly zero-energy buildings for years. “For example, the product portfolio of our trademark Penosil includes products that solve technical heat and moisture related issues, thereby contributing to better energy efficiency, and these features must also be kept in mind during any further product development. We have developed a complete solution for energy efficient window placement, by which our products help to solve problems and issues related to a window node. In addition to energy efficiency, the development of our products also considers their durability in time and the contribution to a healthy indoor climate.”

Heat loss through envelope

Increasing the thickness of the insulation layer on the outer envelope is sufficient to minimise heat loss. According to Kongo, it should not be forgotten that although heat loss by conduction through envelopes is one of the major factors influencing energy loss, a building will also lose heat in addition to heat conduction through unplanned air leaks and cold bridges. The insulation layer thickness has often reached its limits of cost effectiveness, meaning that no additions will be cost efficient and one should focus on the removal of air leaks and cold bridges.

“The importance of air tightness is illustrated by the fact that proofing subsequent to construction has become unavoidable”, Kongo adds. “The envelopes are accompanied by a large amount of other important requirements: avoidance of technical humidity issues, fulfilment of indoor climate requirements, reduction of noise issues and fire safety.”He adds that one of the major challenges regarding the buildings is correct window placement, because this involves interruption of the external insulation layer along with the airtight and water vapour proof layers.

How can you guarantee a correct and energy efficient window installation?

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Reduce heat losses to a minimum. Use materials for window joints with the least amount of heat conduction such as PU-building foam. In addition, the heat conduction losses depend on the depth of joints e.g., they are smaller for windows with wide frames due to the increased depth of a joint.

Provide air tightness to reduce heat loss due to air leaks. The correct application of quality montage foam should by itself be enough to provide air tightness in a joint. To guarantee air tightness during the buildings’operation, the additional use of special tapes, membranes or mastics should be considered.

The warranting of water vapour resistance protects structures against excessive moisture. Depending on the climatic conditions, the water vapour may move from indoors out or from the external environment inside. The first scenario is predominantly present in Nordic countries during most of the year while the second scenario is in mainly warmer areas. Specific air and vapour resistant tapes, membranes and mastics are used to avoid the entrance of water vapour into the envelope. Such a construction must always include a high quality thought-through ventilation solution.

Ensure the escape of moisture trapped within the construction. This includes moisture in construction details during the construction or moisture ending up in the envelope due to poor quality in planning or building. Humidity must not be trapped in the construction - in such cases, tapes with little vapour resistance or self-expanding sealants are used.

Protect inner construction from external weather conditions (UV radiation, precipitation, wind). This presumes that the joint is covered on the outside with a weatherproof sealant or self-expanding sealant. If the joint is insulated from the outside using a highly moisture proof material, the escape of moisture from the construction must be allowed through e.g., façade ventilation.

Avoid cold bridges. This means that the window must always be placed within the insulation layer and the joints created during placement must be filled using montage foam with little heat conduction.

Joints must be able to endure various movements and deformations of the building. Highly flexible sealants are the best for large windows, where it is recommended to use foams with higher elasticity due to linear expansions as a result of temperature and humidity changes, and for outer weatherproof sealing.

Provide sound insulation. During window placement, it is also important to seal cracks and leakage spots because it will help to improve sound insulation in addition to air tightness. Correctly-placed montage foam will mainly fulfil this requirement, but to fill smaller cracks, it is possible to use special sealants for this purpose, e.g., to fill a crevice between the inner window reveal and window jamb using acrylic sealant.

Provide fire resistance. Use only certified products with increased fire resistance and sensitivity for the placement of fire rated windows!

Read more about energy efficient solutions here.

*Article from the journal Inseneeria 02/2019 by Gerli Ramler

Penosil SpeedFix - the most important adhesive development of the year


SpeedFix krimeltesse


Wolf Group | Krimelte OÜ launched a novel series of adhesives called SpeedFix under the PENOSIL brand last year. The products were de­veloped to meet consumer desires for adhesive products with more user con­venience. The SpeedFix line of products is characterised by fast adhesion and a strong bond, with a clear indication of its applications. As a result, the entire gluing process is simple, fast and clean. The concept presentation took place during the spring construction trade shows in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

There are nine products in the line: a multipur­pose adhesive for interior work, a hybrid adhesive designed for outdoor use, two transparent glues, a mirror adhesive, an acoustic and decorative tile adhesive, a universal foam adhesive and more. The following is a short overview of products in the SpeedFix line: 

PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix All Interior 697 is a general-purpose adhesive, which eliminates the need for a different glue for each interior work. Suitable for the connection of all building materials and the installation of door mouldings and skirting boards, wooden elements, countertops and cornices. 

PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix All Exterior 777 is a hybrid glue specially designed for outdoor conditions, bonding with wood, bricks, concrete, glass and metals. Multiple tasks with a single product: can be used for gluing a house number plate, mailbox, window and door mouldings, aeration and ventilation grills, and to repair stairs or stone cladding falling off the facade. The product has good resistance to temperature fluctuations and to the moist and rainy Nordic climate. 

PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix High Tack 707 is a general-purpose hybrid adhesive, a flexible strong-bonding and high-viscosity adhesive for both indoor and outdoor work. The adhesive features rapid drying and almost no shrinkage. Intended for general construction works, for which an especially strong bond is required. Bonds with most common construction materials. 

The range of transparent adhesives includes PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix Hybrid Crystal 799 as well as solvent-based PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix Clear 909. The first is an environmental-friendly easy-to-use general purpose adhesive designed for bonding and filling various materials both indoors and outdoors. SpeedFix Clear 909 again is the most economical transparent weather-resistant glue with super strong bond. 

PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix Universal 907 is a synthetic rubber-based adhesive, which can be used at temperatures below zero and has good water tolerance. This fast drying adhesive can be used for the easy and fast bonding and filling of various materials both indoors and outdoors. The general-purpose adhesive is designed for use as a contact glue or a single-sided wet contact glue. When installing wooden structural elements, wooden or gypsum boards or decorative panels, SpeedFix Universal 907 helps to reinforce screw connections and reduce the number of screws needed. 

PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix Mirror 936 is a synthetic rubber-based adhesive with immediate adhesion and no running on vertical surfaces. The adhesive cures fast after the solvent has vaporised, resulting in a rigid and strong connection. In addition to mirrors and stained glass, the product can also be used for gluing interior decoration elements and preparing decorations and craft projects. 

PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix Construction 878 is a general purpose adhesive foam for construction work. The adhesive foam with round-the-year use both indoors and outdoors is unique due to its wide range of applications. Suitable for gluing building blocks of non-loadbearing walls, mounting of window sills, and for installing insulation, interior finishing and gypsum boards. Can also be used with the PENOSIL EasyGun® applicator. 

PENOSIL Premium SpeedFix Acoustic Panel 625 for gluing acoustic and decorative panels is easy to use in installing acoustic insulation panels for noise and echo absorption in stairways, offices, atriums, and heating and ventilation rooms. Creates a tight bond and saves space, which would otherwise be taken up by mounting frameworks.

Christmas greetings from Krimelte


December has been a month full of all kinds of exciting activities for the employees of Krimelte. We started with making Christmas decorations from construction foam and decorated the Christmas tree so the office would look festive. Together we baked gingerbread, organised a Christmas fair, held a Christmas jumper day and voted for the most festive jumper.

Krimelte would like to thank all of our employees, customers and partners for a wonderful year and wish everyone a joyful festive season! See you in 2019!

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Wolf Group | Krimelte OÜ launched a new website



Wolf Group | Krimelte OÜ is keeping up with the winds of change. A new structure and updated design have been unveiled for its website  

It is Wolf Group | Krimelte OÜ’s (WG) ambition to grow in tandem with the innovations in industrial and product development, and to continue to operate as one of the leading producers of construction chemical products and materials in Europe. For this reason, WG has defined keeping up with current developments as one of its objectives, and this also provided the impulse for development of a new website. The new website shall be deployed in stages – currently, the English part of the website has been made available, and soon we shall unveil the Estonian, Russian and Spanish sites.

This year, we have seen also other major changes. Less than a month ago, the Intranet of the WG was completed, which offers better functions for enabling the transfer of information between different WG function units and the companies.

WG is an international company that sells and manufactures energy-efficient joint sealants and construction adhesives and brings together factories in Estonia, Spain, Russia and Brazil. WG's products are mainly marketed under the Penosil, Olivé and Tempsi brands. WG's sales network ranges from the United States to New Zealand, from Norway to South Africa and from Brazil to Japan.

Krimelte team participated in a grand football tournament


A Company Football 2018 tournament was held in the A. Le Coq football arena on the last Saturday of August. Also, a 12-member Krimelte team participated in the tight competition of large number of teams, sharing 33th-53th place. According to the team leader Janno Vilba, the mood of the team was very positive and the results of the first occurrence are satisfactory. Now, after the team has been formed, the company is ready to participate also in the next competitions. Even our good colleagues from Penosil Estonia, who introduced the Penosil products in the Companies’ Street, were present at the event.

The tournament was arranged in order to celebrate the centennial of the Republic of Estonia and the goal was to offer a fun get-together through exciting football games. The total number of players participating in the football tournament was 523, and altogether 171 engaging football matches were held. The tournament involved 53 men’s and 11 women’s teams.



Design recognition for the PENOSIL EasyPRO spatula


The PENOSIL EasyPRO spatula has been selected for the final round of the Bruno product design award of the Estonian Association of Designers. Of the 138 submissions, 59 have been selected for the final round, and the EasyPRO spatula is now competing in the Best Design of An Engineering-Technical Product category against two types of parcel lockers, a thermostat, a bicycle mud guard, a pier service station and a ball game used in occupational therapy. The nominated works will be exhibited at the XIII Design Night exhibition, which will open on 10 September at the atrium of Viru Keskus. The winners will be announced at the award gala on 14 September.

Krimelte launched the EasyPRO spatula in 2016, when the EasyPRO sealants that are marketed to home builders under the PENOSIL brand were equipped with a free tool – a spatula. The spatula was developed because, although the sealant was high-quality, people were having trouble applying it and weren’t happy with the aesthetic appearance. The spatula makes it easy to apply joint filler without previous experience. The spatula’s design was a result of teamwork. The challenge was to fuse industrial production, functional design, ergonomic qualities and top user experience to generate value added for the joint fillers developed at Krimelte. EasyPRO is available in 12 countries: including the Baltics, France, Spain and Russia.

Please see the competition entry here:



Wolf Group participates in the Industry 4.0 Working Group


From 2018, Tehnopol, an enterprise that provides business services for technology-based start-up entrepreneurs and growing companies, will launch Industry 4.0 Idea Days and hackathons – marathon brainstorming sessions – requested by Enterprise Estonia (EAS). To set the focus of the events and screen out the burning issues of the industrial sector, Tehnopol convened a meeting with the representatives from the focus group of industrial companies, professional associations of manufacturing enterprises, research and educational institutes and interest groups.

Wolf Group/Krimelte was represented by Tiit Arro, its Business Development and Marketing Director. The priority topic of the meeting was procurement logistics or the logistics from an order receipt up to the manufacturing process.

“Using the example of Wolf Group/Krimelte, I provided the participants with an overview of how our technopol2business team is working on the control of forecasting procurement needs, finding and evaluating suppliers, the availability of raw materials, transport and inspecting incoming goods,” said Tiit Arro.

The most important keywords in the procurement logistics are:

  • Purchasing need – how to find the components and raw materials needed for purchase, and determine the need for purchase;
  • Data – order forecasting, Big Data use, machine learning; 
  • Incoming quality control; 
  • Linking deliveries with real logistics; 
  • The need to centralise the price information and quantities of the material planned for purchase; 
  • Requirements for the composition and origin of the materials based on a batch.

The first hackathon will be held from 19 to 21 January in Tallinn. The goal is both to develop new solutions and find existing uses. “From the perspective of Wolf Group/Krimelte, we hope that the result of the hackathon will produce real possibilities to automate and optimise the processes,” said Tiit Arro.

Penosil helps to bring literary fiction to Estonians


67 original and previously unpublished manuscripts have been submitted to the novel contest of the Estonian Writers' Union, which was revived by private capital, including Wolf Group affiliate Penosil in 2014. First place was awarded to Vahur Afanasjev's novel Serafima ja Bogdan.


Building chemistry can be found in every corner of the world


Krimelte products are produced as a result of continuous development and testing. Chemistry is the key to Krimelte products which reach to almost every corner of the world, or to nearly 60 countries today The company is ready to go far when looking for good chemists for product development.

Read more how Dr. Gary Urb and Veigo Kallaste spoke from product development to packaging and labels in magazine Inseneeria.