This year, the World Entrepreneur Of The Year final was held in Monte Carlo from 27 to 31 May, and it was the first time that an Estonian representative participated in the competition. 43 countries chose their local Entrepreneur of the Year and this time their number included Jaan Puusaag who also competed for the World Entrepreneur of the Year title.

The jury included representatives from countries like Sweden, the Republic of South Africa, UK, Kazakhstan, China, India, Mozambique etc. The coveted title was awarded to Cao Dewang, Chairman of China’s Fuyao Glass Industry Group, which manufactures automotive glass.

Jaan Puusaag says that being a participant in the competition was a great honour both for him and all the other nominees. “The atmosphere, prestige and importance of the event are things that no entrepreneur could buy for money — these must be earned with hard work. Of course, we have earned this together with all the employees of Krimelte. Believe me, when I drank champagne in Monte Carlo it was on behalf of all the Krimelte Wolves (Visit! The companies represented in the entrepreneur award competition varied greatly in terms of size, staff numbers and the area of activity. All 43 finalists felt as winners all throughout the event. The fact that one of us received the title at the end was just a bonus for the winner,” explains Jaan Puusaag.

The World Entrepreneur Of The Year (WEOY) award programme was launched in 1986 in the western states of USA, with the aim to recognise entrepreneurs whose resourcefulness and determination have allowed them to build successful and growth-oriented companies.

Today, the programme includes many countries worldwide and continues to recognise entrepreneurs and enterprise, by determining the best entrepreneur locally in each country and also globally. At the moment, EOY is probably the most large-scale award programme for entrepreneurs in the world.

Photos of the WEOY event and Jaan Puusaag in Monte Carlo can be found at: