Krimelte, a joint sealant and construction foam manufacturer, which exports almost 95% of its products will unite all the companies of the group that specialise in sales and production under one umbrella brand, the Wolf Group. In the future, all the companies and brands belonging to the Krimelte group will also feature the symbols of the Wolf Group to indicate their connection to the corresponding group of companies. The Wolf Group unites all of Krimelte’s sales and production companies located both in Estonia as well as abroad, including the PENOSIL and Tempsi brands.

According to Jaan Puusaag, Chairman of the Managing Board of Krimelte, the new umbrella brand was created due to the quick expansion of the company to new fields of production during the past few years. “The aim of introducing the new umbrella brand is to create a situation in which all the companies belonging to the group would share the same values. This would ensure the quality of the products and the functionality of the company’s business model. However, the new umbrella brand also aims to make the structure of the companies more logical and understandable for our customers and partners. The change will help our customers to see the connection between different products and companies in order for them to be able to trust the quality that is appreciated in more than 30 countries,” said Puusaag. 

The Wolf Group logo features