Tiit Arro is the new business manager for Penosil Eesti and Krimelte Tempsi

Starting today, Tiit Arro (the former director of Krimelte Tempsi) is the business manager of both Krimelte Tempsi and Penosil Eesti. For Penosil Eesti’s current sales director Marek Jürgenson, 21 January will be his last day with the company.

The changes in the management are primarily needed to execute the vision of Wolf Group’s management – take advantage of the synergy created through the joint management of Penosil Eesti and Krimelte Tempsi, by creating a strong, uniform sales and marketing structure on the Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish markets.

“Given my various activities in the entertainment sector, I do not have enough time to adequately contribute to these changes. So, after 13 years at Krimelte, I believe it is time for me to move on,” said Marek Jürgenson, explaining his decision to leave.

Penosil Eesti’s board member Alar Salum expressed the company’s gratitude to Marek Jürgenson for all the work he has done. Salum pointed out that during his time at Krimelte Jürgenson has been at the helm of many significant innovations, making a remarkable contribution to the success story of Penosil products.

According to Alar Salum, the Penosil Eesti companies and Krimelte Tempsi have similar customer profiles, with the most extensive overlap among retail chain customers. “Having the same customers in the Baltic countries combined with the prospects in Scandinavia gives us a good foundation for the joint planning and management of Penosil’s and Tempsi’s sales and marketing. In turn, this will help us achieve an optimal structure and become the market leader on the target markets,” added Salum to explain the reasoning behind the creation of a joint management system for Penosil Eesti and Krimelte Tempsi.

Salum says that such management will also help to improve logistics efficiency and will create options for cross-marketing between the two brands. “With central management, we ensure a proactive approach to the consumers’ expectations and are in a better position to implement innovative marketing methods on the target markets,” said Salum, pointing out the advantages of the joint management system.

Legally, the Penosil Eesti group includes 8 companies in 7 countries. Initially, the new management structure will unite the planning and management functions of the following companies: Penosil Eesti OÜ, Krimelte Tempsi OÜ, Krimelte Latvia SIA and UAB Krimelte LT. As for the Penosil Eesti subsidiaries in Romania (Penosil SRL), Bulgaria (Krimelte Bulgaria EOOD), Kazakhstan (TOO Krimelte Kazakhstan) and Ukraine (OOO Krimelte Ukraine), Margus Vihman will continue to oversee their operation on the group level.