Penosil Art having won the hearts of the visitors of the Old Town by giant foam sculptures the last year will return to Treff Festival also this time. Today, on the 24th of May at 13.00 at the festive opening ceremony of Treff Festival, the public will be introduced to eight foam sculptures of Penosil Art.

Three-dimensional sculpture letters are prepared by the students of the faculty of sculpture and installation and jewellery and smith art of the Estonian Art Academy and about thousand balloons of construction foam were spent on preparing them.

According to Kirke Kangro, artist and head of the sculptures faculty of the Estonian Art Academy, the public can read the word TAVALINE (COMMON) when passing by the letters. This should make us think about our daily life and moments in it. “This is what we find natural, granted, common, boring and where the different matters are actually hidden,” Kangro listed only a few questions applied by sculptures that make us think.

According to the author of Penosil Art project and N-letter Mats Laes Nuter, the N-letter is an experimental and flexible effort to make a bended figure out of something straight. “3D in its most flashing key or what would be the N like if it was not plane and what would be of its name and face,” discusses Nuter.

“To my opinion, the author marks of graffiti artists are their signatures in principle,” said author of L-letter Pauliina Jokela from Finland. “Combining the figures of hare and angel by L-letter, the common letter became my personal author mark in the word “TAVALINE” (“common”),” adds the young artist with pride.

According to Jaan Puusaag, leader of the project and great supporter of Treff Festival, it is a pleasure to see the continuous development and three-year tradition of Penosil Art effort. “Foam sculptures are great examples of art creation and synergy between two different areas that gives an added value to the foam as a construction material and highlights its potential that is unique and cannot be noticed at the first sight,” added Puusaag.

The last year, the sculptures of singer Georg Ots, prime ballerina Kaie Kõrb, conductor Tõnu Kaljuste, wrestler Georg Lurich, actress Ita Ever, historian Jüri Kuuskemaa, poet Juhan Viiding and former president Lennart Meri were prepared for the sculpture exhibition of Penosil Art.

However, the first foam figure appeared into the town room during the Old Town days in 2010 when the figure of the nun Elsabe prepared by the design of the artist Kalju Kivi and based on the legend of Jüri Kuuskemaa was exhibited next to the Estonian Youth and Puppet Theatre.