The construction foam and sealant factory of Krimelte, one of the leading producers of construction chemicals and materials, is situated in Zhukovsky, a town located in just 25 km south-east from Moscow, famous for its Aerospace Salon.

The factory was commissioned already in 1998, and today it is producing a wide range of tube and gun foams, as well as various sealants.

Promptness, flexibility and stability are the key words that characterise the work of our young but experienced team. The factory at Zhukovsky is producing construction chemicals of the Penosil brand, and is supplying to many reputable wholesale and retail traders.

The Zhukovsky factory is a member of the Wolf Group, which unites Krimelte’s production and trading companies in Russia and other countries. Wolf Group’s production plants are also located in Estonia, while the Group’s sales divisions are represented in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Denmark. The geographical range of exports covers nearly 50 countries, from Norway down to Australia, from Brazil all the way to Japan.